Saturday, May 24, 2008

Submission for the Tinkering Ink contest

Decided to play.

Tinkering ink a very graphic paper company, with bold colors and designs held a vintage contest.

Right up my alley, so this is my submission. You had to use their paper and something old vintage, not a reproduction or photo copy.

Hello from Florida,
Just saw your contest and this is just the sort of thing that I like to do. Incorporating the old with the new, and I love your paper as a bold contrast to the softness of old photos .
I live in small town so a not lot of choice for your product. I had some of you Provencal Fare and while it is beautiful on it's own, wanted a little more personality to the Nursery Rhyme page, So I cut out some of the Al Fresco, to add a little color to the page. I love the playful whimsy that the flowers give this layout.
As a child I lived in a small town and not a lot to do besides read. My parents bought a set of Childcaft Books for us to read. They have great memories, this is a page from (not the original set) a book that I bought at a thrift store., They were originally published in 1947 this book is from 1961, if that is not old enough or vintage enough for you some of the buttons are from my mom's collection and my grandmother button stash. Hope you love it. Challenge, recording old memories, of child hood. Did I say old!!!
Any way would love to have product from your store, just sorry that I did not see your design team challenge, that you held. If you ever need a guest designer, think of me! Thanks for the challenge, Gayle


nightowl said...

This turned out great! When I saw this in the planning stage I knew you would do something fantastic and you sure did.....

Ayekah said...

Holy Smokes, I love that!! I love the background paper. Reminds me where is that scrap of paper you are "saving" for me?? I bet you win first prize!!

Lucy Edson said...

Love this, Gayle!! It turned out fabulous!!

Vicki C said...

WOW>.. that is just stunning!!!!