Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Layout of the week at Bad Girls kits/ Glennon 1951n

Logged on to Bad girls today and was surprised to find that I had won layout of the week ://www.badgirlskits.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=3853&ppuser=1402. What a wonderful surprise. Working very agressively to get alot of cutting in for my greenhouses and had not been on the internet alot the last few days. Thanks, Bad Girls!

Their kit last month was great and I enjoyed working with it. I can not wait to see what they put together this month.

I went to West Palm Beach to pick up greenhouse tables that a store was giving away. Woohoo!!! the are galvanized steel and wonderful. The 12 hour trip was exhausting, especially for my husband, he drove all of the way except for my 20 minutes. I was not feeling well, but he had asked if I would go with him. I took my pillow and blanket and slept almost the entire trip. He was very thought ful and even took headphones for his music. I have to say, the trip was still like torture, since all I wanted to do was sleep in my own bed. But what a great score on the tables.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Color Story Challenge #3/ Your Smile

This for the #3 Color Story Challenge http://www.colorstorychallenge.com/
Roxy is such a happy person, always smiling, and bringing excitement to those around her. Just finished round one in braces.
http://www.colorstorychallenge.com/. New site I found Wednesday and of course could not wait until the next challenge when I would actually have time to think it out.I have had this headache for 2 days now, so when I was up not sleeping, decided to go for it. Love the color combination, I am not a pastel person. This is such a fun challenge, to break you out of your mold.

Taught my class this am at the scrapbook store , the 1 hour $5 class. It was with a great group of ladies, the page was with the new Cosmo Cricket papers. Needless to say I have to scale back the embellishment for this class. Stayed a little late to help the ones that wanted more pick out goodies for their pages.

Met my mom for lunch and came home and went to bed.
Had to take the photo inside tonight, I just did not care about getting up to take a photo out side today. Black and white photo is a little off, but did not use the flash ( too much glare on the photo). I will retake it later, but deadline for submission is about 1 hour form now.

What do you think.............I think I may have gone just a little overboard with the color. Most of the other designers started with white or light backgrounds, but hey Red is a neutral color isn't it???
The swirl is the new K and Co paper, but I had to change the pink to red, love the red dimensional paint. It also comes in silver, white, yellow gold and pink. the swirl had red, yellow gold and white. I also used the new pastel writers that are like tinted white out. The page has white and yellow. Will have to get the name for you if you are interested, they are fun to work with.
In case you haven't noticed I love black and white ( or cream) with almost every color. Ithink most of my pages have black in them.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Secrets of Life

Photo is of my DD, while we were visiting the Ichetucknee River. My parents had a home on the river for a few years, and we all loved to visit. A time to slow down and think about life, the outdoors. No cable tv ( rabbit ears antenna, with the alluminum foil for reception). Lots of time to watch the otters, beavers, fish and float down the river in tubes. TFL

Glennon Family 1903

Photo is of the Glennon family 1903, the baby is my maternal grandfather. This is a plate I created for an altered group that I am a part of and meets monthly. My grandfather is the baby. Lawrence Glennon
vintage photo
$6 tray
$1 lace scarf
handmade velvet flowers
button flowers

Red Truck

My son had a vintage 66 Chev that was parked at my brothers house. tHE 4TH OF jULY weekend we were over and all of the kids piles on , in and on top of his old truck. I was able to get some great photos of all of my nieces and nephews. I think most of the images from that day rate as some of my favorite photos ever. This is one of them. It does not hurt that I think the children are just wonderful.

This is Walker and Casey.

Beautiful In Every Way

This is a photo of Foxglove, a flower that we do not see often in Florida. I love this flower and photo. My computer took a dive and I lost the original file, so I scanned this one from an old copy. I then added a digital frame from French Laundry. The paper is April Bad Girls kit. The title in green in "Beautiful In Every Way". There is a little glare in the upper right corner from a beautiful transparency. The AC green paper was a perfect match for this photo. Decided to give it a vintage feel, with the old scarf. TFL

My Baby

Casey holding Tillman

When I went over to take photos of Tillman the new baby, Casey took over the care of him. She watched over him with a very careful eye. It was so very sweet to see how gentle and careful she was with him. Walker then decided that he wanted to be photographed holding him. Of course she has already had one baby brother.

This layout was completed using paper from the Bad Girls monthly kit. The mesh in the back ground was the only think not in the April kit.


This is an older photo of my brothers 3 girls. Casey is the funny face in the middle, Roxy is on the right and Samantha on the left. This was the first time that Casey really paid attention to me when I was photographing her. All I had to do was say smile and I would get these awful contorted face shapes of her attempting to smile. They are each very different and I love them all.


This is Casey teaching Walker to dance, she is the older sister and he does what ever she tells him to do. This is so funny to me she is looking him straight in the face and telling him what to do. He is paying such close attention to what she tells him. TFL

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hair Cut

Chris is my oldest son and had long hair for many years. I was at work one night and he and Meghan came to see me. When he walked up he had a sweat shirt with the hood pulled up over his head. He and Meg stood there and talked to me for just a second and then she reached up and pulled the hood of his head. What a shock he had cut off all of his hair . One extreme to the other. TFL

Roxy climbs trees

Roxy spent the day showing the younger children how to climb trees while we were at Tutta's house. At the end of the day she climbed to the very top of the tree. I was standing on the ground and shot up thru the tree limbs and go this photo of her looking doen from the top.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My 2 Brothers

I was taking photos of Casey with Tillman and Walker kept watching us from the corner of the porch. He is used to having his sister all to himself. He finally walked over and laid his head on the chair by Casey. This is one of my favorite photos of them all together, he is just a little jealous!

I Love those Blue eyes

This is a photo of Meghan from about 2004 and she had gorgeous blue eyes.Chong was just a puppy in this photo. Today he is my constant companion, just stick you hand out to your side and he is right there.I call him Scooby.... he make that Huuummmph sound just like Scooby. TFL

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Container Garden

The lilies in this container should be bloomimg in the next week or so. The color.... well it will be a surprise. Either Yellow or Burgundy -------->

The customer loved it, and it should be in full bloom in a week or two. Next week we are putting in a huge garden in her front yard, we are meeting on Saturday to discuss her vision. Fortunately, for me I do not maintain the garden once they are in , I only create them and install.

This is the large pot in the back of the garden, the tall plant is Steeds holly, whch has blue black berries. The other plants have colors to compliment the home . The plants on the far left and in the back are new to me, they create a light and airy volume to the arrangement.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My creative ventures last week

These are photos of some of the container gardens that I created for a customer who called and had seen my work at a local shop. Actually my local scrapbook store Scrappy Papers. We were converting a planted garden area in to a container garden. Our first trip was to purchase containers, we found all of them at Home Depot. I loooove the 2 putty colored containers, they compliment her brick wall which has a little pink in it, Beautiful home....gorgeous yard.

You can not see the large pot in the back but the one on the right side of the picture is identical in color ( as much as Italian pot's can be). I like how this garden turned out I usually incorporate more vivid colors. This pallet is pink, blue, purples, with accents of yellow, yellowgreen and white. Of course they will all grow in much more lush and free from. The pot on the left is a contrast in testure, colors and form, there will be no flowers in this

Just Perfect

I am trying to preserve some of my older images that have some damage. This is a photo of my youngest son and my mom. Damian was the baby that liked to be held, give him his blanket , thumb and a book and he was perfectly happy. Damian and his brother Chris were both thumb suckers and hoth carried blankets. Chris carried a yellow blanket with a silk binding, Damian carried a blue blanket with a taffeta edge. As they got older, I started cutting their blankets down, until their was just a corner of the blanket left.

DC Interns 2004

DC Interns 2004, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

Meghan was and intern in DC for the spring of 2004. While she was there she roomed in a 3 story house just down from the capitol, with about 8 other girls. Her room literally was abou the size of a closet ( in fact i think it was a closet). This page is mostly fabric lace, some paper and a flower .

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter 1958

This a photo of my mom with my brother John and me ( my brother is still known to my children and me as Bubba). This is some where in Lake City, Florida. My parents built their 1st home on St John St. in Lake City, Fl.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fly Girl box front

Fly Girl box front, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

Fly Girl box front

Fly Girl box front, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.