Monday, March 30, 2009

Creating My Keepsakes- Layout of the day!

My layout The Ring was chosen as layout of the day at Creating My Kepsakes. Thanks you very much for noticing my work, and my beautiful daughter. I am really happy that it was selected, since it is one of my favorite layouts I have created. My daughter actually wanted me to Photo Shop some of her freckles out of this photo. ing. I told her I would look for any blemishes and adjust them, but the freckles were stay. Take the time to visit the Creating Keepsakes site if you have never visited them. They are a very active team and recognize and encourage participation on their site.

Monday is my normal day off, but I had to go in for a 4 hour class today. I was talking to my friend Lucy on the way home and relating it to our new venture. It was actually a good class that reviewed skills that I had learned earlier in my career.

Positive reinforcement brings positive change......sometimes it is a slow change.

Negative reinforcement or scolding only brings momentary change.

Something to think about.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Face of an Angel- Websters Papers Sewing Challenge

I had fun working with this paper, it is just beautiful and the details are perfect. I stitched around the edge of the paper and some of the flowers, to give it a little more detail. I added french knots down the right side of the lace frame. This is the left half of a two page spread. My daughter was recently married and these are some photos's I took. My friend Lucy and I were working on pages for the Scrapping to the Music site. When she saw this lay out, she suggested the title.

Make a Wish- using Webster's Papers for the Scrapping the Music Challenge

This is the right side of my two page layout. This page has stitching around the outside of the page and cotton decorative stitching on the tag and the flower.

I love the new Webster's papers, I added an old sheet of brown paper around the edge and some flowers. Left the journaling tag for my daughter to fill in.

I am sure she will have memories to record. We planned this day for many months and then she was ver sick the night before the wedding and the day of the wedding.

Thanks for looking,

This page is a submission for Websters pages and Scrapping the Music #78 White Horse.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ring- Mrs. Allen Cockrill -Sewing and stitching project

The photo is of my daughter and her now Husband Allen.

Allen spent alot of time looking for an engagement ring and planning the perfect day to give it to her.

This is her web site she is recording every thing. Blogs living an on line Journal
of life. Who knew it would ever come to this.

The honeymooned in Prague and they have photos of everything. Especially the menus.... very unusual food. They said the food was expensive and they were unwilling to pay for food that did not sound good.

In this photo Meghan wanted me to photo shop the freckles from her face. Of course you can look at the photo and see" I do everything" she says. I love the FRECKLES!!!

I think they make her beautiful blue eyes stand out even more.

On this page I wound heavy thread on the bobbin and sewed on the page. The thread I used is a heavy crewel thread, of course you could use embroidery floss or yarn.
The only trick is you have to sew on the rerverse side of the paper. This allows the bobbin thread to show on top.

I then stitched around the photo because it is recessed in the page, and the frame around the photoo had a tendency to lift up. Scrappin on the go, very little planning. I then kind of went stitch crazy on right side of the page.

Scrapping the Music- 3 Boys BIG Noise

The wedding is over, lots of photos to scrap and alter, so it is time to get busy. This week I decided it was time to join in some of the fun, so my first submission this week Is for Scrappin the Music.

Each week they give you a phrase from a song and you have a week to create a project. On Sunday you will get a song for the next week.
Check out their web site-

I know this song well ( best played with very high Volume).

As a mother of 2 sons, I know noise well, and I am sure my sister in law Leslie is experiencing the same thing right about now.

SIX children 3 Boys. This is a photo of her sons, John, Walker and Tillman.

Tried to convey the noise and confusion that boys so often create.

Thanks for looking and visiting my blog!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basic Grey Contest - Baby Blue Eyes

My daughter Meghan got married on March 7th and I did not get to take alot of photos but I was able to get a few. All of Meghan's cousins were in the wedding, there are 6 of them. She had 2 flower girls, 2 jr bridesmaids, 4 brides maids and her maid of honor. Her color for the brides maids and flower girls was orange. Bailey was one of the flower girls and their dresses were white with beautiful orange sashes and 2 roses. The flower girls wore one in their hair and one on the dress. She found the dresses on line and they were a beautiful and a great price. I will have to post the link here. Meghan searched for months looking for a dress she liked that would work for the jr bridesmaids as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They are home from Prague.

My daughter called last night as they were driving home to Gainesville from Atlanta, Ga.

They had a wonderful time in Prague, but were not too fond of the local cuisine. They did find a McDonalds, KFC and Pizza while they were there. She said the food all looked awful. They were not willing to spend alot of money of food that did not look like something they would eat.

She visited a 80 year old lady that still carves hand puppet out of wood. They purchase one for them selves and a small one for me. I love dolls and collect them so, this will be a wonderful addition. In my old house I had a doll room and Allen did not like the room, he said there were too many little eyes looking at him.

I think the movie Chuckie, spoiled it for alot of children.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Windham family at Meghan and Allen's wedding

My brother John(Bubba to me) and his wife Leslie have 6 children 3 are boys, this is a photo of them with the girls.

Meet my family

This is my sister and her family, that came from Ohio for the wedding. Their three daughters were in the wedding.

On April 20th my baby, Meghan will be 25 years old, she was born in Miami, Florida at Baptist Hospital. Meghan is eight years younger than her 2 brothers. She has her father's dark hair, sense of humor, and our blue eyes. Allen her husband is the oldest of 3 children and has dark hair and brown eyes.

Their wedding was beautiful, and their friends and family were all there. The only thing that would have made it more perfect, would have been for her not to have suffered with a headache. I was very sad that she had to inherit this trait from me and that they decided to rear their face on her wedding week end.

We skipped the evening out and mini shower with friends and family.

The bridesmaids wore orange

March 7th Wedding

My youngest child and only daughter got married on March7,2oo9 in Orlando,Fl. Meghan and Allen have been dating for 2 years. They met while Meghan was attending the University of Florida, they are both still there.

They went on their honeymoon to Prague or Praha as she says the locals call it. She said the hoteled in whilein Prague treated them like royalty.

The photographer has not finished editing the photos but took a few of my own.