Monday, May 5, 2008

Grow UP/ Pencil Line Sketch #82

This is my take on Sketch #82, I submitted this for their weekly contest.

My sisters daughter is on the left and 2 of my brother 6 are on the right. My parents own alot of property and we always go exploring, and I (as usual)am looking for great photo opportunities. The kids are such willing models as you probably can tell. My own children always hated me taking their photos. Right after I took the bottom photo of the 3, Walker fell in the big tire and hurt him self. I picked him up and carried him over to the barrel to check him out. Look closely at Walker's you can see that he has been drawing on his legs with an ink pen. His older sister told him to draw tattoo's on himself.


Tomi Brown said...

Hey Gayle, I Love your work! and the pictures you and Lucy take tell such a story, the colors you use and the balance on your pages...i really enjoy looking at your blog it inspires me. It's wonderful to have such talented friends.

Ayekah said...

Both of your lo's are great. I just love the bright colors. The pictures of the kids are so nice too. They really lend themselves to be in a lo. Your work is a great example of how the right picture and a LO really compliment each other.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love your blog it is great!!
I always love seeing You LO in the gallery they are always so heartfealt.
I am so glad you are teaching your boys life skills . I make all my kids do chores. It makes them more responsible.

Lucy Edson said...

This turned out great, Gayle! I love what you have done with the sketch!

Nat said...

Oh wow -this is such an amazing layout- I love the colors and layering! So awesome to get to know you more :-)

Anonymous said...

This layout is gorgeous! I had to giggle about Walker and the drawings. That is what my son does...besides drawing on everything in the house he always has drawings on himself, lol.