Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exciting News!!!

Yesterday I received an email from Jami Peterson, Editor in Chief of Scrapbooking Magazine. Her comment was "OMG!! I'm blown away, these are amazing!! Are you a designer for a manufacturer? " We communicate via a couple of other emails and then she asked to call me. She asked if I would write a article for her magazine.
I am very flattered by her comments and her request and totally appreciate her calling and talking with me. So for the July issue I will be putting together an article on layering on a scrapbook page. We discussed some option that she liked for the August magazine, and I will be doing a technique article for that month.

I will post soem of my other work that is not on this site and see what you think.

Any suggestions???


Tomi Brown said...


Ayekah said...

cool beans and but am clueless on the article...creative as you are, you will think of something...I sure lean toward your affinity for photography though..maybe starting out with the right photo would be good.

meghan said...

YAYYY!!! It's about time!