Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been a while

Have you found Pinterest yet? I love this  place. I no longer have a mile long list of favorites listed on my computer. I can actually see them all in one place and stalk every one Else's favorites.

I am sitting here this morning with a DOZEN things to do .... not doing any of them. Watching Ellen, and playing on Pinterest.

I was shopping this weekend and saw all of the Halloween goodies in the stores. When my children were small I decorated for every holiday big or small. My daughters favorite holiday is Halloween.

 When I logged on Pinterest this morning I saw a full page of  Halloween ideas.  Wow I can not believe  it is that time already.

Check out these cute cup cakes they are on the Better Homes and Gardens web site.

Wouldn't this be fun to do with a  group of friends and see how every ones monsters turn out.

I may actually have to make some of these for the Holiday they are soo cute!!

I have lots of new things to tell you about. I just have to take the time to post it all and share it with you. I hope you all had a fun summer.

In two weeks I will have lots of time to tell you about it. My job is being eliminated and I will be unemployed.

I have projects in Somerset Memories, Green Crafts, Scrapbooking and Beyond to share to show you.

I have really been lazy as far as my crafting projects lately. I am just starting to become a little more motivated. I am starting  to get involved again. Just not quite sure where my mojo went these last few months. Too much life taking over my time lately.

I have been on a major clean our and reorganize bing though.  Some of my closets look a little better. 

 What have you been doing this summer? 
Have a great week.- Gayle