Friday, January 23, 2009

Thankful page using Webster's Papers

Happy BIRTHDAY to my Brother John ( BUBBA to me, my sister says I should call him John.................some how that is not working for me).When she was last here from Ohio she kept talking to me about John and I actually seriously ask her who John was. When she told me I asked why she was calling him John now? Some 40 odd years later????? She told me he now has a doctor's office and she thought his name should be a little more professional and it was time for us to change.................Uuuuhhhhh No, just can not do it....sorry.

Any way John Geary was Born Jan 21 on a cold winter's day in beautiful Lake City, Fl previously know as Alligator at Lake Shore Hospital.

This is a photo of my brother and me, we are 14 months apart. My poor mother! We were both hyper kids that did not sleep alot, some things never change. My brother was known to eat pure sugar out of the sugar bowl.

He is now married and has 6 children, he never likes to be alone. I did not inherit that trait. You will see his children in lots of my pages. My daughter says they are in more of my pages than my own children.

Can we say willing subjects. Think I over exposed my own children.

Great Embossing idea shared on Scrappy Papers

Great idea Gail shared on her blog, she is an avid stamper and has great ideas.

Thanks, Gail #1
(Her family calls me Gayle #2)

Take a sheet of cardboard and cover it with tin foil. Use this when you heat emboss. Place your stamped and powdered image on the foil. Heat image from the top and the foil will heat image from bottom giving you and evenly distributed heat. Your embossing will cure faster and you will have less warping of your paper.

I like to store embossing powders that I use alot of in resealable plastic containers. If the item you are embossing is small enough you can just dip it in the container and spool the powder over the paper. Great for white, clear, black or any other color that you use alot of. You can pick up Glad containers or a knock of brand for storage.

No need to try and save the excess and pour it back in to a small bottle.

Wish made with Webster's Pages

This photo is from my daughter's engagement shoot and I love this picture. I combined it with some of the Webster's Papers, they are all so beautiful if t is hard to choose a favorite.
Check out their new lines that are coming out at CHA, I hope our local scrapbook shop is ordering them or I will be shopping on line.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Whooping Crane's are an endangered species

These are Whooping Cranes and they are following the Sand Cranes. There are thousands of Sand Cranes and only 12 Whooping Cranes.

Sand Cranes at Payne's Prairie

We arrived at the park about 10 am and the weather was just beautiful in the mid 80's. Can you believe this is winter in Florida. We started at the beginning of the park, and the sounds of the birds was audible from the moment we got out of the car. This could not even prepare us for the outragous amount of birds that we would see and hear.

The trails led us on a trip of about 3-4 miles in to the marsh area, where we saw dozens of alligators of every size sunning them selves on the banks of the trail. There were alligators of every shape and size from little babies to 14 foot gators

I have so many photos of the day to share with you!

Payne's Prairie Sand Cranes

Yesterday my husband and I went to Paynes's Prairie in Gainesville Florida. He had read in the news paper that thousands of cranes had decided to winter at this location. If you can imagine seeing this many Sand Cranes in one location multiplied 100's of time over. They were every where, dancing their mating dance.

What an AMAZING once in a life time site. There were approximately 7000 Sand cranes and 12 Whooping Cranes. You could hear them long before you saw them.