Thursday, May 8, 2008

Photos from a different view point

I am trying to challenge my self to take photos in a different way, be more aware of my surroundings.. Saw Natka's Scrap Muse Photo challenge challenge from last year, and loved her ideas, this was one photo per day.
As a scrapbook, most of the time we crop out all of the elements in the back ground. IE( cars, cereal boxes, TVs, just general junk). When I look at old photos of my self and my family, I love looking at the old cars, toys I had, schools, churches,my bedroom, etc.) Am I the only one??? So what photos are you leaving out of your scrapbooks? This could even be a summer time project for you and your children. So once a week or (month) take photos of the places you go, the people you meet, what you eat for breakfast, information about your city, state, festivals you have, fashion styles, games they play. So give me your feed back, thoughts and suggestions.

When my son's were little, they each had a journal and I tried to write something in it that they dictated to me. I then added photos to show the ages they were when they were giving me these wonderful bits of knowledge. They actually have drawing in some of the books, and wrote little notes. Blogging has replaced journals for us.


nightowl said...

I have been doing this since November and I have a ring of playing card sized photos. I mount them on something relevant to the day and do mini journaling on the back. One time it was a piece of Capt Crunch Christmas cereal box because that was part of our day. The hardest part is doing something with them as opposed to letting them sit in the computer!

Ayekah said...

Sounds like something I would like, I keep my extra camera in my car. Mainly because you just never know what you will see around here. I am a journal keeper, more than one actually. Now you really got me thinking about this one. Could be trouble!!