Saturday, February 6, 2010

Damian need a new photo for his Face Book page!

These are photos of  my youngest son Damian they are over 30 years apart and those Doritos are still around this house. Some things never change!

 I love taking photos and my husband keeps telling me my photos are hidden by my scrapbooking.
My one goal this year is to take more photos.

One thing that has not changed in my live is my love of photography. When I was young and living in Orlando with two small children I got my art fix at Crealde Art Center in Winter Park, Florida. In exchange for classes and the use of their dark room  I went in 3 times a week and mixed huge containers of the photography chemical. It was absolutely worth the time because my children and I got to take some fabulous classes for free.  I met some very creative people.

So this year I hope to focus more on my photography, which has been a constant hobby in my life.

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