Friday, February 5, 2010

Butterfly Rain Forest at the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida

My husband and I went to visit the Butterlyfly Rain Forest in Gainesville on sunday. I was a little cool and the butterflies were not as active as they could have been. I am told that they like 60 degree or warmer weather.

We were actually able to watch them release butterflies at two different times through out the day. That actually have a full hatching lab at the university and you can see the larve at various stages before they hatch.

If you are ever near Gainesville of live near the University it is a great place to visit. The also have a Florida natural museum at the same site.

It has been reallky cold this winter and some of  the plants are not loving the weather, but it was a beautiful day!!

This addition to the Florida Museum is dedicated to research and education about butterflies, moths and global biodiversity. The Butterfly Rainforest is a four-story, outdoor screened enclosure with waterfalls, a walking trail, lush subtropical and tropical plants and hundreds of live butterflies. Learn More...

I am  working on some altered art pieces for submission to magazines and I hope to incorporate some of the animals and foliage that I took many pictures of.

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