Monday, February 1, 2010

Creative Imaginations Sketch Challenge

 I was visiting the Creative Imaginations  web site and blog and saw that they had a sketch challenge forJanuary.  This is a photo of  my brother and me on my dad's car. This is in our front yard on St John's street in Lake City.

My mom made this dress for me for Valentines day. The dress  was a sheer red with white dots. I think it was dotted swiss. I will have to remember to ask my mom about it. Those shoes had to be polished with white shoe polish.

I think I was about 5 years old in this photo, my brother is 14 months younger than me.

 My sister and I always comment of the bangs that my mom cut for us. My mom said the style was to wear them very short. We always ask if crooked was also the style?

The scrapbook papers are Creative Imagination and the back ground and top papers are painted with Luminart paints.

Today my husband and I went to the Butterfly Gardens and The Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida. Now I have 90 photos to edit. .
I pulled together some of their papers from my stash and posted this on their web site today.

Living in Lake City doesn't exactly offer you lots of opportunity to buy scrapbook products.  We have two scrapbook stores that I buy as much as I can from. I want to make sure they stay in business, but I also shop on line to buy the most current products. This is a GREAT TIME of the year .... you can see all of the new prodcut lines that are coming out.

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