Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Boy!

My Baby

We have a new baby and his name is Tillman. I took photos of Casey and Walker about a week ago with Tillman and Casey is just the perfect little mommie. The way she hold him and looks at him is so sweet and gentle. Walker wants to be involved with the photos and holding the baby, but he is totally not interested more than a minute.

These are page samples that I created for the shop and will be on display .

Monday, March 24, 2008

Casey flying page

Casey flying page, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

This is the second folder in the box. As you can probably tell from the photo, the broken elbow did not slow her down at all. TFL

Fly Girl Box

Fly Girl Box, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

Inside cover and folder in the box

Fly Girl Box - front

Fly Girl box front, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

This is Casey and she broke her elbow. When i ask her how she did that she told me she was flying. The box is her story about breaking her elbow at the play ground. The photos were taken the day she had her elbow set. TFL

Little Boys...

Little Boys..., originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

Little Boys are so much fun and I love to scrapbook pages for them. Walker is my nephew and he is very loving and dependent on his sister. He becomes just a little shy when you start takng his photo. He has 3 older sisters and this is what he told me. He loves, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and lipstick. TFL

Friday, March 21, 2008

ONe Little Word challenge #22

This is my one little word challenge for #22

The word is FIND, so the lay out is in tribute to my daughter. She has her own struggle right now and she is daily trying to find her way, her answers...
I love her and hope she finds the answer that she is looking for .
Journal says:
I hope you find what you are looking for
I hope you find that I will always be there for you
I hope you find you enjoy the simple things in life
I hope you find good friends
I hope you find the journey home is never long.

Baby Girl

This is one of the 7Gypsies coin books. It is a cute project to make for a little gift, each page is a small coin holder, that you can put little trinkets or notes inside. If you like making ATC's or small cards you will love this project. I was able to use a lot of the photo strips that you can have printed from the thumb nail 's of your digital images.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gayle's Cookin

Gayle's Cookin, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

When I saw the litle fork, spoon and knife from 7 gypsies,, knew I had the perfect photos for this altered cook book. I still use an Iron frying pan to cook with.

Ashley's Wedding mini box

Ashley's Wedding mini box, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

This is a small altered box, with photos of a wedding that my daughter was in. Really fun and intimate wedding, bride and groom paid for thewedding, and did not hire a photographer. My Daughter found out they were doing their own photos and ask me to go to the wedding and take pictures. They wanted alot of fun photos, she actually told me that it was the most fun she had had up unitl that point. They finally got to let loose and create funny poses. TFL

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged - 7 Random things about me

7 random things about me

1. weird- I ate lime with salt and tomatoes with salt when I was pregnant with my daughter. Oddly enough I met my neighbor( she also was pregnant and had 2 sons), we lived in the Redlands in Miami and were walking over to the tomato fields and lime groves ( right by our house) to get the tomatoes and limes. We both had girls 2 months apart.
2.I started making porcelain dolls and progressed to reproduction antique dolls.
3.Native Floridian- born in Jacksonville, Florida
4. 2nd child was born on my 22nd birthday
5. Went to college for Interior Design, but my room was filled with plants. Have a greenhouse and nursery now.
6. There are 7 dogs that live at my house (4 labs 3 bassets)
7.I got my first really nice camera when I was 21

AMM- Rusty Pickle Challenge

Found the challenge for AMM- Rusty Pickle contest today. Naturally I had no product in the house, so had to make do with so scraps that I had. They actually were so small, I wonder why I kept them. Any way love to doodle, so this was a quick put together to meet the challenge. Photo is not completely square, had to stand to the side, because of the afternoon glare 6:30 pm and it is still daylight. Gotta love it!!!
This photo is of My2 Boyz ( didn't have an "S") Christopher and Damian. They are 18 months apart and just as different as can be ( organized , orderly, straight long hair, vs not.... and short wavy hair) yet alike in so many ways. I love them both Damian always said I loved him more because he was born on my birthday. At this age they are about the same size, as they grow up Damian is a little taller. Today most people think that Christopher is the younger of the two ( he is the one on the left brown hair). Damian says it is his Eddie Munster hair line ( he inherited it from his dad) that makes him look older ( the blonde).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Damian and his new baby Bogey

Damian and his new baby Bogey, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

This is Damian my youngest son with his new puppy Bogey. I especially like the bottom photo with the smirk on his face. It reminds me of him when he was a little by. He could never lie to me about anything, because when he told a story, he would get this little shy smirk on his face. I would tell him haven't you learned that I can read you like a book.

One Little Word Challenge TIME

One little word challenge TIME

Not enough time

I have to admit, I have been following the One little Word Blog for almost a year and have never posted. I love your blog and the fact that the work submitted is so varied and creative, so I guess it is time to get started.I have had an idea in my head for a couple of weeks involving photos that I had of my mom ( now and then), so the challenge of time was perfect. I just saw your post on Tuesday night, so time was very limited. I worked on this last night late, since I had a headache and could not sleep. When I got up his morning it was raining very hard, tornado warnings all over town. I actually lost power for a while, and it is still raining. Local news is that the tornado hit an are of my town and several blocks are closed off. I have heard that no one was injured . Great News!!


Have my photos for the challenge, had to take them on the back porch, but still had to use the flash. There is a little glare on the layout but... the challenge was accepted and I had to deliver.

My layout out is called:

Not Enough Time...

Time flies when you are you and there is not enough time when you are older.

The hidden journal says:

My mother has been sick and she was in the hospital about 2 weeks ago. She was adamant that she was not going to the hospital even though her doctor told her to go. My sister was visiting for the week and she did not want to miss the time she could spend with her. After much prodding she was angry about it but finally went to the hospital, and was admitted. I am sure she felt she was wasting precious time with my sister and the family, she actually told us " I hope you all are happy."

At this point we no know that there is not enough time.
I am greedy, I want her here for more time. More time for I love you, kisses, hugs.

A couple of days after she got out of the hospital , her 12th grandchild was born. This time the baby was born a month early, it was my brother's 6th child.

Right now we all value any time with each other.

I look at these photos and see how much time has changed for my mother, I see her hands with arthritis,I know the pain she endures and I still want more time and she does too. I love you mom- Gayle
The Flowers are hand cut and raised Photo is altered with Prima Hybrid digital elements and Adobe Photoshop
K and Company
Making Memories
Collage Press papers
Creative Imaginations
Prima Flowers
Maya Road elements
Queen and Company
Amerian Crafts -Thickers letters
Walmart Flowers
Hobby Lobby brads
Old Seiko watch
Thanks for looking- Gayle


Samantha, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

Scrapbook page was completed using the New K and Company paper, I love the vibrant colors. We have a group that meets monthly and we challenge every one to try a different technique or product. The techniques is demonstrated and you have one month to work on a project incorporating the item or skill that you were shown. This particular month we had to hand or machine sew on our project. I also created alot of dimension on this page, I really like this process on my pages right now. I even use it on my hybrid layouts.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Detail of white poppy

DSC_5171, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

I love my camera, it helps me take great photos. Thank goodness for digital photos I can delete the evidence that indicates anything else. Look at the detail on the stems of this poppy. I received a Nikon D70 as an anniversary gift in 2004, and I take it with me every where I go. Photography allows you to focus on one moment in time.

Monday, March 3, 2008

This photo was taken at my mom's house. Roxy ( the one in the top of the tree) was teach Bailey, Casey and Walker to climb trees. Roxy was looking down from the top of a 20' tree when this photo was taken. I really like the perspective looking from the ground up.

White Poppy

DSC_5172, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

White Poppy in greenhouse in Live Oak

Finally ...

Finally taking the time to set all of the slide shows up.

One of my closest friends has set her Blog up and it look great. I told my friend Lucy about setting up a blog and she has actually set one up as well and has it running. I of course did not put a priority on it and today I am setting up a slide show. Thanks Lucy for motivating me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

blogger with one eye open copy flattened

This is the banner I worked on today.