Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AMM- Rusty Pickle Challenge

Found the challenge for AMM- Rusty Pickle contest today. Naturally I had no product in the house, so had to make do with so scraps that I had. They actually were so small, I wonder why I kept them. Any way love to doodle, so this was a quick put together to meet the challenge. Photo is not completely square, had to stand to the side, because of the afternoon glare 6:30 pm and it is still daylight. Gotta love it!!!
This photo is of My2 Boyz ( didn't have an "S") Christopher and Damian. They are 18 months apart and just as different as can be ( organized , orderly, straight long hair, vs not.... and short wavy hair) yet alike in so many ways. I love them both Damian always said I loved him more because he was born on my birthday. At this age they are about the same size, as they grow up Damian is a little taller. Today most people think that Christopher is the younger of the two ( he is the one on the left brown hair). Damian says it is his Eddie Munster hair line ( he inherited it from his dad) that makes him look older ( the blonde).

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Lucy Edson said...

Gayle, I don't know how you do it!! Your "oh, I just threw this together" always looks so amazing. I love it.