Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Baby

We have a new baby and his name is Tillman. I took photos of Casey and Walker about a week ago with Tillman and Casey is just the perfect little mommie. The way she hold him and looks at him is so sweet and gentle. Walker wants to be involved with the photos and holding the baby, but he is totally not interested more than a minute.

These are page samples that I created for the shop and will be on display .


Denise said...

Gayle, My daughter is in Casey's class and she thought it was so awesome to see this picture of Casey and her little brother. This is beautiful layout. I will be visiting your blog alot since this is our Spring break. Maybe I can get inspiration. =) Denise

Tomi said...

Gayle...Your just good...this layout is beautiful, i looked at these papers forever and just could not pull it together...I really like the contrast in this LO...did you make those flowers, I like em!