Friday, March 7, 2008

Damian and his new baby Bogey

Damian and his new baby Bogey, originally uploaded by jgwm166864.

This is Damian my youngest son with his new puppy Bogey. I especially like the bottom photo with the smirk on his face. It reminds me of him when he was a little by. He could never lie to me about anything, because when he told a story, he would get this little shy smirk on his face. I would tell him haven't you learned that I can read you like a book.


nightowl said...

I love this layout....the colors and the words.....just right!

Lucy Edson said...

Love this, Gayle. It is so sweet & isn't it amazing how you can always read your child's expressions? I guess some things never change.

meghan said...

Damian still does that when he lies! He thinks he is so slick.