Friday, March 21, 2008

ONe Little Word challenge #22

This is my one little word challenge for #22

The word is FIND, so the lay out is in tribute to my daughter. She has her own struggle right now and she is daily trying to find her way, her answers...
I love her and hope she finds the answer that she is looking for .
Journal says:
I hope you find what you are looking for
I hope you find that I will always be there for you
I hope you find you enjoy the simple things in life
I hope you find good friends
I hope you find the journey home is never long.


Lynn said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! i LOVE it, I LOVE the heartfelt journalling!


Gigi said...

stunning layout through & through

Lucy Edson said...

This is so beautiful, Gayle! I love it. Your work is stunning.