Friday, March 7, 2008

One Little Word Challenge TIME

One little word challenge TIME

Not enough time

I have to admit, I have been following the One little Word Blog for almost a year and have never posted. I love your blog and the fact that the work submitted is so varied and creative, so I guess it is time to get started.I have had an idea in my head for a couple of weeks involving photos that I had of my mom ( now and then), so the challenge of time was perfect. I just saw your post on Tuesday night, so time was very limited. I worked on this last night late, since I had a headache and could not sleep. When I got up his morning it was raining very hard, tornado warnings all over town. I actually lost power for a while, and it is still raining. Local news is that the tornado hit an are of my town and several blocks are closed off. I have heard that no one was injured . Great News!!


Have my photos for the challenge, had to take them on the back porch, but still had to use the flash. There is a little glare on the layout but... the challenge was accepted and I had to deliver.

My layout out is called:

Not Enough Time...

Time flies when you are you and there is not enough time when you are older.

The hidden journal says:

My mother has been sick and she was in the hospital about 2 weeks ago. She was adamant that she was not going to the hospital even though her doctor told her to go. My sister was visiting for the week and she did not want to miss the time she could spend with her. After much prodding she was angry about it but finally went to the hospital, and was admitted. I am sure she felt she was wasting precious time with my sister and the family, she actually told us " I hope you all are happy."

At this point we no know that there is not enough time.
I am greedy, I want her here for more time. More time for I love you, kisses, hugs.

A couple of days after she got out of the hospital , her 12th grandchild was born. This time the baby was born a month early, it was my brother's 6th child.

Right now we all value any time with each other.

I look at these photos and see how much time has changed for my mother, I see her hands with arthritis,I know the pain she endures and I still want more time and she does too. I love you mom- Gayle
The Flowers are hand cut and raised Photo is altered with Prima Hybrid digital elements and Adobe Photoshop
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Thanks for looking- Gayle


Lucy Edson said...

Gayle, I really like this LO & your journalling is so heartfelt & real. There is never enough time with those we love, is there?

nightowl said...

I was so touched by this layout. The 2 photos of your mother felt very emotional. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.