Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Working with Vellum from Webster's

Both of these pages are from my daughter's wedding in February.

A Crazy Pair is on vellum paper from Webster's, This is my sister's daughter and my daughter. This is one of my favorite photos that was taken just after the ceremony.
I had a little difficulty photographing it but I love the page. I rolled Hambly overlays to make the bright pink flowers. The bird cages are cut outs from a Hambly transparency.

The Delight page is may daughter opening gifts from her brides maid just before the wedding. The expression on her face is priceless. I wonder what her brides maid got her??? I spritzed this page with Tatter Angels spray.


Lucy Edson said...

I adore the layout of Meghan and Bailey!! So lush and rich!! You are a fabulous!

Darien said...

They both Gorgeous!!! I love, love your style!!!!!! And the lo of Meghan and Bailey is just stunning!!!!!

Peggy said...

Oh wow, these are both so gorgeous, and so is your daughter, she has the most beautiful smile!
xxx Peggy

Pearl said...

I just love looking & admiring your creations , Gayle ! They truly are such works of he{art}.

You have no idea how they make my heart sing !

Some of us simply create for all kinds of mundane reasons or worse - for crass reasons - & they get much more recognition than others can believe or imagine !

I just have to look at yours & be inspired again to create !

Julie Corfield said...
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Julie Corfield said...

Just found your blog via the gallery - it's no surprise to see that you've been published as your layouts just flew out at me! Your work is lovely and very inspiring....I haven't scrapped for a month or so and I am having itchy fingers just looking at your work - you may have gotten me out of my rut! x

(PS- it was me that deleted the post above - I was wittering on and on and it made no sense lol!)