Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Somerset Memories- Fall issue and the funny thing that happened!!!

It finally came ....
I have been checking the mail the last few days looking for the new Somerset Memories Fall edition. Monday it finally arrived in my mail box.

I have two articles in the magazine. One is an article called "Chunky Layering" featuring my work with the wonderful Donna Salazar. I am so thrilled to be featured with her wonderful work.

Check out her blog here

I have a tendency to put lots of things on my pages as well as paints, sewing, fabric. Basically how ever I feel about the page or moment is going to be reflected in the design of the page. My friend Lucy and I have often talked about our pages and altered art. I realize that most scrapbook companies do not embrace my style of scrap booking. I have actually attempted to work on simpler pages with a more clean design. Looking thru a magazine I will find a simple layout out that I like with an abundance of white space. I will adapt the page to my design and stop when I have completed the look. But... more often than not I will come back and add painting, stamping or something to the page. While I love the look of the simpler look it is just not my design.

I tell you all of this because I am so grateful that some one appreciate my style. It feels even better to know that I did not have to adapt or conform to an established trend to be recognized. Thank you Stampington for seeing the individuality of our expressions and publishing them for others to see.

And now the funny thing that happened....
I handed the new Somerset Memories magazine to my husband Monday night when he got home. I had tagged each of the pages that had my work to make it easier for him. On page 87 he started laughing when he saw the photo of him as a boy with his mother(Martin 1957). They were in California just before boarding a ship for Guam where his father was stationed with the Air Force.

I have had numerous projects and pages published in the past, but never any pages with my immediate family.

This time there is another article about a wedding that my daughter was in as well an individual page about her.

My oldest son is pictured as a Young boy with his grandfather who is leading his on a pony. This page was actually put together about 4 years ago and my style has changed a little since then, but I love the photo. My husband's comment when he saw the photo of my oldest son was " Look at the Pocket Protector" in Papa's pocket.

My son piped up and said that is not a pocket protector that was his eye glass case.
This photo is over 20 years old and he remembered that eye glass case.

My daughter called last night and asked where she and her friend Ashley could get the magazine. My son told her to bring her copy next time she comes to visit and he will give her an autograph.

And then there is my baby boy on the page titled Blue Blanket. When he was about 18 years old my husband asked when I was going to stop refer to him as my baby? My response.... probably never. Yes he is in the magazine as well. He is the baby sucking his thumb holding his blue blanket. The page is titled Blue Blanket and the photo is mounted on quilt batting. My two sons were thumb suckers and blanket draggers. As they got older their blankets kept shrinking as I cut them smaller and smaller. Fortunately they both stopped sucking their thumbs at about 18 months. I on the other hand was about 10 years old before I quit. LOL

Thanks for reading all of this and sharing in my excitement once again!


Sandi Clarkson said...

Congrats on your newest publication!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Congrats Gayle! It was sooo fun to see you in print! Yeah for you! You totally deserve it. Your work is gorgeous.