Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Housework is Evil it must be stopped!!

Found this site on Facebook call Housework is evil it must be stopped.

My sister and I have discussed this before. She wanted to know where I got the clean gene. Discussion insued... my mother got offended...

Mom she is the one that pointed it out

Come to think of it... One of my mothers sister lacked that gene as well. It is not her fault!!!

I can actually remember as a child going to my Aunt Betty's house for a week in the summer and I would immediately start cleaning her house. In all fairness she worked at night full time and her kids liked to sleep.... On the plus side she spent lots of time with us we always had FUN. I think we had tuna sandwiches for lunch every day that we were at her house.

My Sister and Me-

1)thinks house work is a waste of time
2)Is very organized and is a planner
3)Cleans her scraproom every day after she finished or before she starts a new project

1) Like things clean....(trying to break this habit)
2) NOT organized, want to be but it is just not in me. What plan, very impulsive!
3) Cleans the house before I scrap at the end of the week,
Scraproom....If it is not layered with 2 or 3 projects I can not create. If it is too clean, there is no disorganized mind to work with. I've tried organized it just does not. Some of my best projects are from the junk that is on my work space.

So which one are you?


Sandi said...

You're not gonna believe this! I left a comment on your previous post and the word was BROOM. Is that a sign of something?? LOL My computer is telling me to clean??

triciapeever said...

I HATE housework!!!! Like, I could be scrapbooking!

Fernanda Isabel Marques Argoud - "FĂȘ" said...

WoW!!! Want you live with me!!! I certainly was born WITHOUT this gene, also!!! :D :D :D