Thursday, April 2, 2009

LuminArt Pigment Paint Sprays

Thanks for the response to my home made spray mists. I really would love some of the glimmer mists, but have about 20 colors of LuminArt pigment paints so I decided to make my own.

Luminart powders are very intense and create wonderful colors splashes. The can be used several different ways, but we can get in to that later.

To make the misters, I purchased Walmart travel size spray misters 98 cents each in the shampoo and deodorant section. While you are there purchase a bottle of inexpensive liquid hair spray ( Rave, White Rain, any of the liquid pourable types).

I added about 1/4 teaspoon of the pigment powder and then added 2 parts water and then added 1 part hair spray.I am not an exact science person, as you probably can tell. The hair spray helps the paint to dry quicker and prevents the mica from getting all over your project or photos. The hair spray acts as a fixative.

You can also sprinkle the pure powders over your projects or pages and then spray the pure hair spray over the spots of paint and it will liquefy the paint and cause it to fuse out on your page. Once it drys it will adhere the powder to your page.

I will post photos of some of my before and after pages and projects.

Have fun, the pigments will dye your hands so if that is an issue for you, wear gloves. Wipe up the spills and blot your pages with paper towels and use them for other projects.

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