Saturday, April 25, 2009

Creative Therapy #58 Favorite Word SMILE- the universal language

Creative Therapy challenge this week was create something around your favorite word. Or in my case the favorite word this week. I just transferred to a new management position in my company. I am now working with all new employees on a different time schedule. I have an entirely new set of peers working with me..... all men.

So this entire week.... I got sick Allergies or something.... I have been sick every day that I went to work.

The employees all could look at me and pretty much see that I did not feel well
(a lovely sight). To top it off, by the second day I could not talk, there was no voice.
My son said that I sounded like a man on the phone and my husband said I sounded like (some basket ball coach- I think the coach yells alot).

So my word this week was SMILE, because that is all I could do as I met 100's of new people.( and try not to cough on them).

My usual relaxation every night is to work on my projects or scrapbook and there was very little of that this week.

But here is my smile project!!!

See you next week!

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Nan said...

I hope you are feeling better! I like your's such a sunny happy page...especially considering you were sick!