Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They are home from Prague.

My daughter called last night as they were driving home to Gainesville from Atlanta, Ga.

They had a wonderful time in Prague, but were not too fond of the local cuisine. They did find a McDonalds, KFC and Pizza while they were there. She said the food all looked awful. They were not willing to spend alot of money of food that did not look like something they would eat.

She visited a 80 year old lady that still carves hand puppet out of wood. They purchase one for them selves and a small one for me. I love dolls and collect them so, this will be a wonderful addition. In my old house I had a doll room and Allen did not like the room, he said there were too many little eyes looking at him.

I think the movie Chuckie, spoiled it for alot of children.

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