Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ring- Mrs. Allen Cockrill -Sewing and stitching project

The photo is of my daughter and her now Husband Allen.

Allen spent alot of time looking for an engagement ring and planning the perfect day to give it to her.

This is her web site she is recording every thing. Blogs living an on line Journal
of life. Who knew it would ever come to this.

The honeymooned in Prague and they have photos of everything. Especially the menus.... very unusual food. They said the food was expensive and they were unwilling to pay for food that did not sound good.

In this photo Meghan wanted me to photo shop the freckles from her face. Of course you can look at the photo and see" I do everything" she says. I love the FRECKLES!!!

I think they make her beautiful blue eyes stand out even more.

On this page I wound heavy thread on the bobbin and sewed on the page. The thread I used is a heavy crewel thread, of course you could use embroidery floss or yarn.
The only trick is you have to sew on the rerverse side of the paper. This allows the bobbin thread to show on top.

I then stitched around the photo because it is recessed in the page, and the frame around the photoo had a tendency to lift up. Scrappin on the go, very little planning. I then kind of went stitch crazy on right side of the page.

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Bethany Kartchner said...

Oh my goodness that pic is fab! She is just gorgeous! Wow. Gayle, you are quite the talented lady. Your pages are fab!