Friday, January 23, 2009

Thankful page using Webster's Papers

Happy BIRTHDAY to my Brother John ( BUBBA to me, my sister says I should call him John.................some how that is not working for me).When she was last here from Ohio she kept talking to me about John and I actually seriously ask her who John was. When she told me I asked why she was calling him John now? Some 40 odd years later????? She told me he now has a doctor's office and she thought his name should be a little more professional and it was time for us to change.................Uuuuhhhhh No, just can not do it....sorry.

Any way John Geary was Born Jan 21 on a cold winter's day in beautiful Lake City, Fl previously know as Alligator at Lake Shore Hospital.

This is a photo of my brother and me, we are 14 months apart. My poor mother! We were both hyper kids that did not sleep alot, some things never change. My brother was known to eat pure sugar out of the sugar bowl.

He is now married and has 6 children, he never likes to be alone. I did not inherit that trait. You will see his children in lots of my pages. My daughter says they are in more of my pages than my own children.

Can we say willing subjects. Think I over exposed my own children.


Bethany Kartchner said...

Your pages are amazing! So so beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog! To answer your question, Love, Elsie makes that frame. I got it ages ago in a kit and was waiting for the right picture to use it!

Permberly said...

Yes, you visited the right blog...I am glad it didn't scare you...I had a hit last week by someone with a "penguin fettish." My kids are 19, a brand new 7 and an almost 5. God has a sense of humor as you can see.

The 19 year old and her boyfriend set up the blog, I thought it was funny...may need to re-think that!

I really did hit next blog and there you were!

Mahlin said...

Hi there Gayle. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad you like it! I adore your layouts. Awesome colors! I try to make my posts bilingual but to read older posts you can use a translation tool, just copy and paste the text you want to understand..

Vicki C said...

Gayle.. this layout if over the top... GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

Amy Wing said...

You have a beautiful blog here, Gayle. I love your layouts especially! Glad to have found you.