Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Embossing idea shared on Scrappy Papers

Great idea Gail shared on her blog, she is an avid stamper and has great ideas.

Thanks, Gail #1
(Her family calls me Gayle #2)

Take a sheet of cardboard and cover it with tin foil. Use this when you heat emboss. Place your stamped and powdered image on the foil. Heat image from the top and the foil will heat image from bottom giving you and evenly distributed heat. Your embossing will cure faster and you will have less warping of your paper.

I like to store embossing powders that I use alot of in resealable plastic containers. If the item you are embossing is small enough you can just dip it in the container and spool the powder over the paper. Great for white, clear, black or any other color that you use alot of. You can pick up Glad containers or a knock of brand for storage.

No need to try and save the excess and pour it back in to a small bottle.

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