Saturday, April 19, 2008

Red Truck

My son had a vintage 66 Chev that was parked at my brothers house. tHE 4TH OF jULY weekend we were over and all of the kids piles on , in and on top of his old truck. I was able to get some great photos of all of my nieces and nephews. I think most of the images from that day rate as some of my favorite photos ever. This is one of them. It does not hurt that I think the children are just wonderful.

This is Walker and Casey.


Ayekah said...

I love them all,(saving myself from posting on each lay out)...I love the colors...the kids are adorable. I can't even pick a fav, they are all great.

Lucy Edson said...

I love this, too!! I am so glad you are posting your LOs. You are so talented!

nightowl said...

This is one of my favorite photos in your LO's...but I love the whole thing!