Friday, April 11, 2008

Just Perfect

I am trying to preserve some of my older images that have some damage. This is a photo of my youngest son and my mom. Damian was the baby that liked to be held, give him his blanket , thumb and a book and he was perfectly happy. Damian and his brother Chris were both thumb suckers and hoth carried blankets. Chris carried a yellow blanket with a silk binding, Damian carried a blue blanket with a taffeta edge. As they got older, I started cutting their blankets down, until their was just a corner of the blanket left.


nightowl said...
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nightowl said...

I think the red and turquoise are really good together. It's a new fun way to display an older memory....really like it..

Had to delete my first post cause I fergetted howe to spelle....:-)