Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Layout of the week at Bad Girls kits/ Glennon 1951n

Logged on to Bad girls today and was surprised to find that I had won layout of the week ://www.badgirlskits.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=3853&ppuser=1402. What a wonderful surprise. Working very agressively to get alot of cutting in for my greenhouses and had not been on the internet alot the last few days. Thanks, Bad Girls!

Their kit last month was great and I enjoyed working with it. I can not wait to see what they put together this month.

I went to West Palm Beach to pick up greenhouse tables that a store was giving away. Woohoo!!! the are galvanized steel and wonderful. The 12 hour trip was exhausting, especially for my husband, he drove all of the way except for my 20 minutes. I was not feeling well, but he had asked if I would go with him. I took my pillow and blanket and slept almost the entire trip. He was very thought ful and even took headphones for his music. I have to say, the trip was still like torture, since all I wanted to do was sleep in my own bed. But what a great score on the tables.

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