Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sew Somerset Publication

I received my copy of Sew Somerset in the mail and the cover is beautiful. Somerset frequently has you vote on your favorite cover and this one is very colorful, bright and inviting. The art work in the magazine in inspiring cover to cover.  You should pick up a copy and look at all of the wonderful inspiration in the magazine. My closest friend Lucy has a beautiful book in the magazine and you can see the complete book on her blog
Lucy's Crafty Life.

I have two page in the magazine one of the page is my Maternal Grandmother. The page is called Pearl ( actually that was her name). She was one of 14 children, ironically my father is an only child and he was adopted. I have fond memories of visiting her brothers and sister, my aunts and uncles in rural Georgia when I was a child. The excitement of the day was seeing how high we could make the porch swing go as we visited each house. We usually had to endure my parents telling us to quite swinging so hard.  One of us would actually run and push the other one in the swing out over the huge purple azaleas that surrounded the house.

Most of the houses also had porch rockers since there were screen porches all the way around the house.

So after all of that babbeling ....
Here is my grandmother  PEARL in her wedding dress. This actually is a page that I put together several years ago.  I was not crazy about this paper when it came in the kit so I inked and painted the paper to alter it just slightly. The colors were very monochromatic and I wanted a little more color on the page. The papers are from FISKAR. I was a design team member for Scrap Muse and the paper came in their monthly kit. Some times it pays to stretch your creativity.

The bottom page was for a challenge on Websters Inspire Me and the challenge was to use some of their embellishments. I actually did not have a lot of the product left so I cut the pieces I had apart and sewed on the page and added the pieces in to the page.

The bottom page has a photo that  is from about 3o years ago. We  were on vacation in North Carolina with my parents. My mom is in the foreground and my older son is playing in the creek.  This page is a little different form my usual style and I was surprised when it was selected for publication.

Thanks for looking!

I hope you are having a great holiday season. Take time to enjoy you self!



Peggy said...

Congratulations to both you and Lucy!!
xxx Peggy

fairyrocks said...

Well Done!!!
Congrats, love your creative LO and your sweet story full of love

milkcan said...

Congrats on the pub! It's a beautiful mag! And so glad you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!