Friday, December 3, 2010

That's My MOM!

 My dad called  to let me know my mom had been taken to the hospital.

She was receiving and injection for her rheumatoid arthritis and started having complications so they took her to the hospital.

Today they did an upper GI because it sound like there may be some complications from the medications they are giving her.

When I was visiting her tonight in the hospital I told she may have to cut back on her Cokes and hot sauce to reduce the pain and burning.
My dad laughing say "On no that is not going to be possible." We both laughed because the Cokes are a ever so slight possibility, but the hot sauce is definitely an impossibility.

This is a woman that does not use a lot of salt or seasoning on her food. But loves her peppers, hot sauces, Tabasco,black pepper, etc .

Hopefully they are letting her go home tomorrow.

These are 7 of her 12 grandchildren the other 5 are boys!
Have a great weekend.


Denise said...

Sure hope she gets out tomorrow. It's always tough when someone you love has to be in the hospital. Good luck w/ the hot sauce ;)

Jessica said...

Hope all is well...what a beautiful pic!!!