Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Cards and Gifts with ShutterFly

 Most of you know that I love taking photos it supports my other hobbies.

I am always taking photos of some one...... I love to take Photos. Tomorrow I am going over to my brother's house and find some children to photograph. They have been gone for a few days and I want to see how much they have grown. Good excuse that should work what do you thing. They are still at the age that they like to have their picture taken That should be fairly easy there are six children 16 thru 2 years of age.

Next week my daughter, Son in law and Son will be here for the Holidays. More photos!!! My daughter wants her Christmas card photos taken.

Which brings me to this post.

Holiday Cards
Shutterfly has  a huge assortment of holiday card to choose from. Some  are beautiful holiday cards and other can be simply a photo with chosen words.

Isn't this simply adorable, this gives me worderful ideas for my photos.
Visit the Shutter fly web site to see all of the choice of holiday cards.

Do you have a child that is away at college or maybe they just want to send their own holiday card.  Better yet maybe your favorite pets needs to send out their holiday wish list to the family.  This is a wonderful design  for that single photo.

The also have lots of Holiday design choices to compliment you beautiful photos.

Holiday Calendars

They have a huge selection of Holiday calendars and I love the options you can add to you calendar.

Besides using your photos you can personalalize all of you birthdays and special dates, you can see all of the options and choices on their web site. Just use this link below.

Looking for that perfect gift for the Grandparents- Photo Books

For all of you Scrapbookers this gift is the best ever. I usually scrapbook and give away most of my pages to the family members. Last year my daugher photographed some of my pages  I was giving away. She them created a book of the images for me to keep.. You may choose to use your pages to create a book for your other family members.

Shutter Fly has some amazing deals going on right now as well as free shipping on select
items.  Visit their web site today and be amazed how easy it is to put together some beautiful gifts.

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Vanilla Print said...

Wow!!! Big time thanks from Vanilla Print for selecting our Air Mail Wishes design on Shutterfly as one of your top fav designs. It has made our day!!!