Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Drive as a Family Tradition

As a kid every Sunday we went on a family drive in the afternoon. Some time we actually went some where... like Jacksonville, Fl  and went shopping at Zayre's ( one of the only stores that was open on Sunday).  Other times we just drove around  in the country and looked at farm, Maybe a trip to the river we have plenty to visit there is  the Santa Fe River, Ichetucknee Springs and the Suwanee River. It usually ended up with us stopping to get ice cream at the drug store by the end of the day.


On this particular Samantha, Roxy  were visiting Tutta and Pappa so I went a picked them up for the day. I took a lot of photos of Roxy on this day and these are some of the photos.

We spotted this field, have climbed over a fence and are taking photos among the flowers on this bright sunny day. Then out of the clear blue comes a summer rain and we a getting standing in the middle of an open field. The girls start laughing hysterically because we will clearly be drenched before we reach the car.
Roxy is my brother's third child and he told me last night he was very close to her as a young child because her mother was working as a teacher when she was a baby.  To know Roxy is to truly see she is her father's child. Their personalities are very similar.
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