Monday, February 25, 2008

It is all around

Love this time of the year, fresh air, cool breezes, birds of every shape and size right out side of my window. I actually just took the screen out of my office window to take photos of some of these beautiful birds. I will post them and show you later. They are literally 6 feet from my window. There is a little Sparrow eating now and he is so small that literally he is hidden in the bowl. I am focusing on the edge of the bowl waiting for him to come up, so that I can get a shot of him. In the morning there are a couple of Cardinals, have to get close ups of them tomorrow morning.

These are photos of last week...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today, I tried to create a feed to my scrapbook pages and my photos to no avail. I am following all of the instructions and still not luck. I have read the help section and no matter how I configure the application there is still no feed. Tomorrow or later tonight is another try. I have at least gotten this far.
Lesson that we have all heard before- Even when you follow all of the rules, sometimes thing still do not turn out as you planned.
Happy that I have gotten this far with out any one helping me.

Read this some where and like: HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE
Watching to see it the sunset is going to be very colorful. Subscribe to the Nikon D70 group on Flicker. There are groups that only take photos of the most colorful things. It says that sunrises and sunset are the most colorful time of the day. Most of us miss them every day.

MOM said......

Bailey was visiting her grandmother in Florida with my sister in Janurary. When I went over they were all sitting around inside, and I told Bailey let's go outside. Vicki told Bailey to go wash her face off that it had chocolate milk on it. I told Bailey lets go that it is a really pretty day out side. Vicki said do something with her hair it is a mess. As you can tell from the pictures we ignored her.

When my children were little, my sister and brother did not have any children and they:

1- Told me how bad they were... and they ( my teen age sister and brother) would not put up with it! ( My children were 2 boys 18 months apart)
2-Told me that my children did not listen or follow instructions. ( even though they both encouraged them to tell me no when I asked them to do something)

So now we just go have fun and ignore all of the rules. Chocolate ring around her mouth and unruly hair we climbed trees. I have cute pictures to prove it. Getting even is so much fun, especially when you have older children to hep you.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally decided to get started. Uploaded scrapbook pages to my Flicker account, so that photos and pages will be in the same location. Now if I can just get the Flicker account to link to Blogger. Had it but lost it.