Sunday, February 10, 2008

MOM said......

Bailey was visiting her grandmother in Florida with my sister in Janurary. When I went over they were all sitting around inside, and I told Bailey let's go outside. Vicki told Bailey to go wash her face off that it had chocolate milk on it. I told Bailey lets go that it is a really pretty day out side. Vicki said do something with her hair it is a mess. As you can tell from the pictures we ignored her.

When my children were little, my sister and brother did not have any children and they:

1- Told me how bad they were... and they ( my teen age sister and brother) would not put up with it! ( My children were 2 boys 18 months apart)
2-Told me that my children did not listen or follow instructions. ( even though they both encouraged them to tell me no when I asked them to do something)

So now we just go have fun and ignore all of the rules. Chocolate ring around her mouth and unruly hair we climbed trees. I have cute pictures to prove it. Getting even is so much fun, especially when you have older children to hep you.

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