Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today, I tried to create a feed to my scrapbook pages and my photos to no avail. I am following all of the instructions and still not luck. I have read the help section and no matter how I configure the application there is still no feed. Tomorrow or later tonight is another try. I have at least gotten this far.
Lesson that we have all heard before- Even when you follow all of the rules, sometimes thing still do not turn out as you planned.
Happy that I have gotten this far with out any one helping me.

Read this some where and like: HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE
Watching to see it the sunset is going to be very colorful. Subscribe to the Nikon D70 group on Flicker. There are groups that only take photos of the most colorful things. It says that sunrises and sunset are the most colorful time of the day. Most of us miss them every day.

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