Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prima Design Challenge/ Second Place Winner

Prima recently had a design contest called Easy To Be Green, and I entered their contest, as usual at the last minute. I have a tendency to stress and over analize my work and not enter the project at all. So my new theory is to put it together at the last minute, don't think and just submit. Besides, I know by now I work best under pressure and am most creative when I am using half a brain. Which is how my brain is most of the time now that I get up at 3:45 am to go to work daily. I am definetly not a morning person, but I do like getting home early. By nature I am usually just going to bed at that time. Anyway, I had forgotten about my entry for the prima contest and was pleasantly surprise to find a 2 day old message in my email from Sharon. The email had arrived letting me know that I had won second place in the Easy to Be green contest. I am so excited free, FREE product from Prima my favorite company, just for having fun with their contest.I absolutely love all of their products, and can not wait to see what I have won.

Check out their web site and you can see the other winners and all of the very creative projects on their site.
This is a doll I made out of Porcelain, and she has a move able body. I have an extensive collection of dolls that I have made over the years. My sister saw her and said s her hair was scary, actually it is very long and she originally was part of a very large fairy doll collection. Her eyes are hand painted and her hair is mohair. The body totally interconnects and she can be posed. The Box is a prima flower box that I painted with Tim Holtz distress able paint and then washed with green shutter ink. I actually have a clear heart page in the back from one of the build a book pages. Lucy, Tomi and Nan will recognize it as one of the pages from a project we worked on together. Another project half finished, but hey I re purposed part of the project.


ScrapbookHeaven said...

Simply stunning. Gorgeous!! I'm shocked that you didn't win first prize!

Lucy Edson said...

Congrats, Gayle!! I am so excited for you!!! :) Your project is so beautiful!

Love your new submitting policy - I so need to adopt the same idea! lol

nightowl said...

Big congrats....this is very pretty. I can see this much better on your blog and love the acrylic heart! But whatever will you do when you go to complete your project??? Oh can get some NEW COOL PRIMA ACYLIC with your prize!!!! :)

Rayne said...

I love this. How about putting together a short tutorial on how to put it all together?

Ayekah said...

That is so great!! The pic's on the prima site look awesome! You have been a busy girl I see!!