Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somerset Memories Spring 2011-Bicycle Book

Spring has officially arrived in Florida, The flowers are in full bloom and are just beautiful. I spent two days taking photos of the trees in my front field. The flowers were gorgeous and the  bumble bees were heavy flying in and out of the tree limbs and flowers.

I  have some projects to share with you that are in the latest Spring 2011 Somerset Memories magazine. My projects that are actually from a couple of years ago. This is what the magazine looks like if you look for it on the news stands.

One of the items if a project called the Bicycle Book. It was created as a flag book which is a very easy book to assemble. You start with an accordion fold as your binding and add cards to the folds which allow it to flip back and forth. It is a really fun way to put together your own book when you are using lots of photos.

The photos in this book are of my brother teaching his two children and my niece how to ride a bicycle one week end while they were at Flagler Beach. After the many trips running up and down the block with 3 small children I figured that event needed it's own book. So here you have the bicycle book created with Helmar450 and Helmar Quick Fix Adhesive Runner.

One of the scrapbook pages published is a baby photo of my brother standing at my mother's clothes line in our back yard. The back ground is hand painted with Luminarte paints and the leaf design is drawn on the paper. The page is assembled with Helmar 450 and Helmar Quick Fix Adhesive Runner.


fairyrocks said...

Gorgeous work Gayle,
Congratulations on your publication thanks for stepping it out.
Keep smiling and creating

Tina Schiefer said...

What a cute idea! I have a photo of me teaching our oldest son how to ride a bicycle on a SIDEWALK! Not an easy task, I tell ya...Reminds me of having to color-in-the-lines..NOT my style...

He never did learn. Not until we moved about 3 months later to a country house with a dirt road! Yay! So MUCH easier...Now he rides motorcycles!

I am featured in the Spring issue too. Fun stuff!

creatingme said...

I saw this when I got my issue and loved it! Wanted to let you know! Lovely work and blog!

Cathy said...

Congrats on the PUB!! Love it!