Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Act of Kindness Week Feb 14-20, 2011

 This week is RAK week or Random Act of Kindness week.  I hope you will join in this week or any week with your own RAK.
Some quick ideas
Pick your receiver or be totally random with your kindness

Send a card  or small gift in the mail- every one loves mail
Leave a small gift, encouraging word, poem or quote  for some one
Leave beautiful photos or pictures for people to see
Do a small favor for some one but do not tell them
Use your own imagination it does not have to cost anything to be kind

Random Acts of kindness blog.

 The first challenge is a really easy one
Kindness Idea of the Day 
Be Generous With Compliments

You’ve probably experienced what it feels like when someone else says something nice to you or compliments you. Even a very simple compliment can brighten your day, and make you feel better about yourself.

For 7 days you are to take take Extreme Kindness Challenges.
You can also follow them on facebook  Facebook Random acts of kindness.
So here is my gift to you. It has been very gloomy and grey weather here in Florida. It seems that every Monday for the last month it has rained all day. In an effort to bring some color to my life I purchase flowers for my self every week from Publix. They have a huge collection of flowers that are 3 bundles for $12. Finally on Tuesday the sun peeked out for a few hours in the afternoon.
Here are some photos that I took in my back yard with a few short rays  of sunshine from Florida. I then played with  the photos in Photoshop using some actions and textures. This is the original photo and below is the photo that I played with in Photoshop.
Added an action and a blur to this photo. This is a $3 bundle of flowers and some pine needles from a tree in my front yard.

This photo is a bunch of Tulips that are in an antique Blue Ball jar. Love this photo!

Added a linen texture over this photo and then erased the
texture over the tulips.

Have a great week!

Next week I am taking photos on Monday and Tuesday, so I will update you with new photos later in the week.


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Nikki said...

Hi Gayle! beautiful pics on this post! wow! And I just wanted to say thanks for the comments on my art journaling article! I was so excited about it since it was the first time I submitted anything to them. Oh and by the is back up and hoppin'...the old owner has given up the reigns and we are finally back to the way tally used to be! So I've got your info on file and I'd still love to see you as a guest designer for us! Thanks again!

Have a great week!