Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Girls Photo Shoot in Lake City

My daughter came for an over night visit on Sunday and her college friend Alli came to visit her family as well. They met at the University of Florida 6 years ago  and have been friends ever since. Alli had since graduated and Lives and works in Flagler.

While they were in college Alli's father was stationed in Japan for 8 years, he has since retired from the Military.  What a small world it really is. I would never have imagined that her family would retire in Lake City.

So Alli and Meghan met in Lake City and I took photo of the two of them while they both were here. My only problem was they decided that we were taking photos at 9:30 in the morning.

First thing is I am not a morning person and I do not like to take photo of people mid morning. Unfortunately they both had to leave by lunch time so you take what you can get. Can you say harsh Florida lights and extreme shadows on faces.

I think this is where they are telling each other to take a serious photo.... and then the laughing begins and goes on and on.

I continue to take photo and Meghan tell Alli that these are the photos that Mom will use in her scrapbooks. You are so right here they are.                                        

But I love this photo I am not sure which one is my favorite yet, but for now I really like this one!

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