Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy Rainy Day Photo Shoot

I love my camera and I love taking photos of everything especially my family.

My nieces were staying with my mom and dad for the weekend so I told her I would pick them up after lunch and do something with them. When I got there they were prepared for me to take their pictures. I have been on the look out for unusual places to take photos. I like interesting textural back grounds and had seen a couple of old buildings on my way to town.

When I got there they had some ideas of their own so we took off for our afternoon adventure. Samantha had on a Beatles t shirt so she wanted to to find a field of flowers to take photographs. We live in an area that has wild flowers along the sides of the highways and they are just beautiful. Once you are out in the country side it is common to see entire fields of flowers.

We finally found one that we wanted to take photos in and found the perfect place to take photos of the girls. We had been playing around for about 10 minutes when out of the blue it started to rain very hard.

Needless to say we all were soaked by the time we got back in to the car.

After about 10 minutes the rain passed so we continued to take photos and I think we got some really cute and fun photos.

I have posted a few of the photos that we took that day. My sister  called and told me that she wants me to take Senior photos of my niece when they are here in July. Apparently Senior photos in Ohio are $1000 a session. I am excited to take her photos and have already started looking for the perfect places and props for her photos. If you have any ideas of suggestions of great ideas let me know.

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Christie Bryant said...

You took such amazing photos of your darling nieces! What a fun adventure!