Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Fun things in LIFE!

Lately I have been feeling like my age is catching up with me. I am tired and it is difficult to find a body part that is not sore or achy. I decided it was time to waste some money on a doctor and see it any thing is going to fall off in the near future. My first stop was the yearly Mammogram.

My mom and I went  for our annual Mammograms a couple of weeks ago. We had a 3:15 appointment in Gainesville which is about 45 minutes form her house. I told her I would be at her house around 12 and I arrived just as she was getting home from an errand.  She of course had to have lunch and get read ( which means coordinating her Michaels and Joann's coupons).  We decided to drive her car and as we are getting off the interstate in Gainesville I look at her clock. I rarely wear my watch on days that I am not working.  Oh my gosh.... it is 2:45 so we decide we may as well head to the dr for our 3:15 appointment.

 You will love this...
When we get in the office the receptionist comment to me.
" Wow you ladies are really early, but we love early patients."
I look at the clock on the wall in the office and it is 2:00.... that is when I realized the clock in her car had never been adjusted in the fall for day light saving time.

We do our usual shopping, lunch etc. and head home.
When we walk in My dad says did you girls have Fun?

I decided to give him a full blow by blow of the procedured for a mammogram. I equate the machines to  his wood working tools so that he can have a full visual picture of the procedure. You should know that my dad is 79 years old. As I am giving him this visual, I am being my usual sarcastic self and laughing.
My mom chimes in with

OK, Lean in to the machine,,, place your right hand here... as the two plates are clamping down ( I compared it to a plexiglass wood press in his garage). Ok now relax so that we can get all of the tissue under your arm. Ok ready ,,, I am taking the shot so don't breath or move. Like we are going to go deep breathing exercises or run away with the machine attached.

Everything was fine they will see us in another year!

My mom  with my brothers jacket on and her energetic granddaughters at Christmas.
Have a good week

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