Thursday, August 13, 2009 July Article

Have some of catching up to do this has been a busy time at work for me along with life challenges. But there have been some exciting things going on with my scrapbooking and altered art work.

First of all I have another tutorial and article published in, thank you Jami for continuing to recognize me. This is the link to her monthly on line publication.

This is an older article that I wrote for showing how to use sketches to design pages. Jami asked me to focus on showing how to build layers on a page. Their publication has some great tutorials showing steps to create beautiful scrap book pages.

Hope every one is having a great summer!

Last week my ac went out in the middle of the night, I suffered thru. The next day was my day of from work and when it started hitting 85 degrees I was visiting friends and shopping. The repair main was not coming until the next day. Later that evening when it was a cool muggy 75 degrees, was complaining. My husband and son commented it was like camping. Only they had tv, video and bathrooms. yeah right!!! I am way past those days, spent many years camping with my children and never in Florida. I do not like to be hot and I don't like bugs.I am going to mom and dad's house. 70 degree ac, comfy bed, clean sheets, no screeching bird at 8 am or 5 dogs barking. Get out of my way. I work where it is 35 degrees every day and rarey am I cold. I do not do hot any more unless it involves a pool or beach.


Lisa T. Howard said...

LOL! Gayle, I am soooo with you on "not doing hot! I always joke that my office is like a meat locker so I totally understand adjusting to a cooler way of living. Hope your AC is up and running soon!

I sooo love your layouts! I am not the least bit surprised with all of your recent recognition. You totally deserve it all. Can't wait to check out the site!

Try to keep cool! {hugs} L

triciapeever said...

Gorgeous layouts!! LOve all the colours and gorgeous designs!