Friday, November 28, 2008

Modish Blog GIVEAWAY- Look here!!!

Finally getting to surf the internet some and found this really great site. Check out their give away.


peace sign TIN WINGS
"slowly" print EYEFUL by TRICIA McKELLAR
Czech glass drop earrings K KENNEDY DESIGNS
"Maya in Fall" print MATILOU
"I have many thoughts" print TANIS ALEXIS
Snowman necklace and earrings set HUMBLEBEADS
corduroy bear pouch RED MARIONETTE
"Plant a tree" print KACHING DESIGN
beaded earrings MOONDOONIE
fern clutch with vintage button MONSTER FASHION
silver drip necklace BEADS IN THE BELFRY
beer quartz "kisses" earrings JEWEL ALCHEMY
2009 calendar HAPPIFY
hand-painted silk earrings GILBEA
alphabet-o-graphic wooden earrings MOYOU
tea tree citrus scrub DANDY BODYCARE
"nectarine under cage" print FOOD CHIC
set of Brighton Buildings cards ROBIN101
blue and brown crystal drop earrings CRYSTAL ALLURE
chocolate and vanilla necklace TWINKLE
sushi mousepad HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE
green tree pendant PIECES OF ME PENDANTS
set of 12 correspondence cards 1ST COMES LOVE
love gun necklace PULP SUSHI
beaded rainbow brooch FLECTO
Needlepoint Trade Secrets, autographed book JANET PERRY
beaded bookmark DEE-ZIGNS
jungle print headband STYLISH MODE
winter finger puppet BABYSWEAR
batik zip pouch URBANKNIT
3 little birdies necklace FLAMBEAUX DESIGN
protozoan necklace STARVING ARTIST BAZAAR
"geneen earrings" MUSETTE
crystal quartz and moonstone earrings CATIE'S BLUE
mushroom zip bag OBLINAKNIT
jumper purse PHAT SHEEP
yuzen pendant A PLANET 4 CREATION
copper bead dangle earrings A PRETTY ROCK
black and white flower headband GEMDROPS

A big thank you to all the wonderful crafters and artists who contributed to this month's giveaway! The December giveaway will be announced the following week after this one ends.

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